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  • The Nebraska Hospital Association Research and Educational Foundation (NHAREF) is excited to announce the recipients of the 2016 Graduate Studies Tuition Aid Program and the Undergraduate Health Care Career Scholarship Program. In an effort to help address the ongoing health care professional shortage, the NHAREF is assisting future industry leaders in their efforts to pursue a degree in health care or further their education through two scholarship programs — the Graduate Studies Tuition Aid Program and the Undergraduate Health Care Career Scholarship Program. The scholarship programs can also encourage Nebraskans to remain in the state as they establish their careers.

  • Nebraska Hospital Association’s President Laura J. Redoutey, FACHE, announced that the NHA and Nebraska Hospital Association Research and Educational Foundation (NHAREF) are committing funds to those who are suffering in Louisiana from the recent floods. The flooding in south Louisiana has been devastating for many individuals, families and businesses. Unlike a hurricane, there was no warning or time to prepare. In an effort to provide some relief, the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) Research and Education Foundation has established the Louisiana Hospital Employee Assistance Fund to provide support to our family of hospital employees who so desperately need our help. The Nebraska Hospital Association has made a contribution in support of Louisiana and their hospitals. Money raised will go to hospital employees who suffered significant property loss to their homes/residences during the August 2016 flooding disaster.

  • The new CMS star ratings program is confusing for patients and families trying to choose the best hospital to meet their health care needs. Health care consumers making critical decisions about their care cannot be expected to rely on a rating system that raises far more questions than answers. And it adds yet another to a long list of conflicting rating and ranking systems. Hospitals and members of Congress are in agreement: we can do better. In a bipartisan letter, the majority of Congress – 60 members of the Senate and more than 225 members of the House –asked CMS to delay release of the star ratings until they can be improved. In addition, we are especially troubled that the current ratings scheme unfairly penalizes teaching hospitals and those serving higher numbers of the poor.

NHA Workforce Report Released

The 2016 NHA Workforce Report is now available. In January, we collected vacancy and turnover rates for key healthcare positions from NHA members. This information was compiled to create this report. Access the 2016 Workforce Report. 

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