WRTS Planning Committee

The Western Regional Trustee Symposium is held annually in June on a rotating schedule between seven of the states involved in the planning: Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The Planning Committee for the Western Regional trustee Symposium consists of an employee from the collaborating hospital associations, and one hospital trustee representative from each of the association's state

Committee Members Include: 

Cathy Ott (Trustee Representative)
Kingman Regional Medical Center
Kingman, AZ

Mary Bateman (Trustee Representative)
Bear Lake Memorial Hospital
Montpelier, ID

Toni Pugmire (Gatekeeper and Listserv Coordinator)
Idaho Hospital Association
Director of Education and Member Services
Boise, ID

Kirsten Kammerzell, Board Chair
Liberty Medical Center
Chester, MT

Jason M. Wood, (Registration Coordinator)
Montana Hospital Association
Education and Conference Coordinator
Helena, MT

Galen Wiser (2018 WRTS Chair- Host State)
Providence Medical Center
Wayne, NE

Jon Borton (2018 Host State)
Nebraska Hospital Association
Vice President, NHA Services, Inc.
Lincoln, NE

Kim Larson (Graphic Design & Marketing)
Nebraska Hospital Association
Director of Marketing
Lincoln, NE

Heather Bullock (Host State Meeting Logistics Coordinator)
Nebraska Hospital Association
Member Services & Events Manager
Lincoln, NE 

Matthew Walker (Trustee Representative)
William Bee Ririe Hospital
Ely, NV

Amy Shogren ( Sponsorship Coordinator)
Nevada Hospital Association
Director of Communications & Administration
Reno, NV

Norm Arnold (Immediate Past Chair)
Board Chair
Gerald Champion Regional MC
Alamogordo, NM

Andrea L. Lohse (Social Media)
Program Manager
New Mexico Hospital Association
Albuquerque, NM

Ross Romero (Trustee Representative)
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Jill Vicory – (Speaker Coordinator)
Utah Hospital Association
Director, Member and Community Affairs
Salt Lake City, UT