The Secret Ingredients Behind Exemplary CEO-Board Relationships With Insight on CEO Evaluations and Advisory Boards

Thursday, September 21, 2017
12:30 pm2:00 pm

Good governance is critical to the success of healthcare organizations. Forming the foundation is the relationship between the CEO and the board, and the CEO and board chair. These relationships are critical for health care organizations to achieve their mission and maximize their community benefit.

Since the board ultimately is responsible for high levels of executive management performance, attendees also will learn about CEO evaluations as the CEO is the only employee who reports directly to this group. Assessing CEOs clarifies roles, responsibilities and job expectations. The process also offers insight into his/her strengths, opportunities for improvement and performance. Performance reviews are critical for the development and accountability of healthcare organizations’ CEOs and their boards.

The last portion of the webinar focuses on the role of the advisory board. The importance of the advisory board charter is emphasized and guidelines for effective advisory leadership are presented.