Telemedicine: Coding, Billing and Compliance for Hospitals and CAHs

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
9:30 am11:00 am

Telemedicine services continue to grow both in volume and breadth of coverage. Much of the guidance for telemedicine or telehealth services comes from the Medicare program. Program changes occur almost every year, so it can be a challenge to make sure your staff is faithfully following the latest Medicare guidelines and regulations.

Dr. Abbey will discuss in detail how telemedicine is supposed to work, both for large and small/CAH hospitals, and will help decipher the confusing rules and regulations terminology. Included will be discussion on the differences between telemedicine and telehealth. He will also provide a clear picture of those who can actually offer telemedicine services, and how these services are paid under the Medicare program. Finally, Dr. Abbey will review how third‐party payers view telemedicine and telehealth services.