Artificial Intelligence & the Near Future of Health Care Delivery

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
12:30 pm1:30 pm

Many individuals who follow Silicon Valley’s research and development efforts are predicting that the next few decades will witness the greatest cultural and socio-economic upheavals in the history of humankind. While some scholars are deeply anxious over these projections, others are markedly optimistic and claim that artificial intelligence (AI) may bring about unprecedented improvements in standards of living throughout the world. One thing is certain, however: the nature and delivery of health care in industrially advanced countries will be exquisitely affected, largely owing to the myriad of technologies that have developed over the last thirty years and which will be vastly improved (and likely replaced) by new developments in AI. This presentation will examine some of these prognostications. Especially targeted will be the ways that AI improvements in electronic health records and “machine learning” for diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment intervention purposes may accelerate the quality of health care delivery beyond anything we have today.