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Summer Webinar Series - webinar #2 - Creating an Environment of Trust through Compassion

Tuesday, June 14, 2022
12:00 pm1:00 pm

Creating an Environment of Trust through Compassion

Karen Cook, RN, Coach and National Speaker, Huron

While every organization strives to deliver exceptional, trusted, safe, patient-centered
quality care–do they really? A consumer’s perception of quality at an organization is
impacted by moments of truth–those moments that form an impression. This session
is about hardwiring the behaviors and processes that lead to a culture of higher
clinical quality and reliability, safe and efficient care delivery and operational
excellence from the patient, employee, and physician perspective. During this
presentation, Karen Cook will lay the foundation for how to create an environment of
trust. Every interaction can impact trust and the perception of quality, but those that
show caring, and concern can be a key differentiator. Starting with our own individual
accountability, strategies to ensure compassion is a platform for all interactions will
also be shared throughout the session. Not only is this good for patient and family
centered care, creating an environment of trust through compassion contributes to
our own resilience.

The cost for the entire 4-part summer webinar series is $200 per hospital and there is no charge for additional lines.

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