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Tuesday Tech Talk: Ransomware Prevention & Response Planning

Tuesday, July 19, 2022
10:00 am10:30 am

Join Five Nines for a Tuesday Tech Talk covering ransomware prevention and response planning!

About this event
2021 brought many notable ransomware attacks to a variety of different companies in the United States - JBS Foods, Colonial Pipeline, and Kaseya to name a few. Due to these attacks - and a handful of other local ones - Five Nines created a new service line: CPR. Cyber Preparedness & Response is a wholistic approach to security and prevention of these attacks. Joe Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will discuss the problem we were seeking to solve, the solution we're proposing, and the benefits to small and medium-size businesses around the region.

Learning Objectives:

Walking through the process of responding to a ransomware attack
Evaluating the resources needed to respond
Simple ways to implement CPT to automate your response to security