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While most health insurance plans have a basic level of ambulance and air ambulance coverage, many of the plans fall short in covering the full cost. Most air transport companies are not contracting providers for your insurance network. Due to airline de-regulation, these companies are not limited on what they charge for flights. This can leave your employees receiving a balance-bill for $15,000 to $45,000 for one helicopter transport. Watch this ABC News story about the problem.

MASA Medical Transportation Solutions has an answer to this problem. Through their membership program, they have benefits including a plan that will provide a zero-balance bill for any and all emergency transportation services in the United States and Canada. There are other medical transport memberships in Kansas. However, those only cover transportation on their aircraft. MASA is different, as it covers the cost no matter which flight company you use.

There are three benefit levels for your staff to chose to match with their lifestyle. This can be an employer-paid, cost-shared or employee-paid benefit.

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