NHA Services Spring Showcase

NHA Services Spring Showcase |  April 18, 2018  | Younes Conference Center, Kearney

The NHA Services Spring Showcase is an annual event where we re-acquaint the NHA member hospitals with the preferred business partners of NHA Services. We continue to grow and adapt, always remaining motivated and responsive to the needs of NHA members as we develop new and innovative service line offerings. Nebraska hospitals are confronting a time of many changes and NHA Services is assisting in meeting these changes to provide a valuable service to NHA members.  

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NHA/LMC 2018 Spring Workers' Compensation Seminars

April 25, 2018
Great Plains Health - North Platte

April 26, 2018
CHI Health St. Elizabeth - Lincoln

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Who We Are

NHA Services, Inc. is a subsidiary organization of the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA). Designed to reduce health care expenses, NHA Services is collaboration among the NHA, NHA member hospitals and other Nebraska health care organizations and providers. The NHA Services successful volume aggregation model is key to achieving best value for all members. The NHA Services Board of Directors leads the organization’s contract decision-making process. NHA Services helps providers find cost-effective, appropriate solutions to their operational challenges. Using “NHA Services Preferred Business Partner” provides direct financial support to all NHA programs. The more we share, the more we succeed.

Guiding Principles

NHA Services, Inc. is guided by the following principles:

  • The products and services provided by the preferred business partners will generate value-added benefits for members and offer ways for hospitals, health care organizations and health care providers to minimize costs, recover revenue, improve operational efficiencies, improve management and quality, increase productivity, develop staff resources and apply new strategies.
  • The partners selected will meet high standards for quality, service and integrity, and provide products and services at a discounted fee and/or with added benefits for members.
  • NHA members can be assured of continuous performance monitoring of all partners.
  • The NHA Services Board of Directors recognizes that there are multiple qualified vendors in any endeavor.  The partners that are carefully vetted and selected by the Board are not promoted as, or intended to represent, the “best” or only solutions available to member hospitals, health care organizations and health care providers in the state. As a result of evaluation and analysis of each partner, the Preferred Business Partnership program is intended to discover a proven top vendor, thereby assisting members by reducing the need for them to invest considerable time and financial resources on their own due diligence process.
  • As a business practice perspective, at any given time the Preferred Business Partner roster may include only a single vendor representing a particular product or service.
  • The NHA Services Board of Directors, whenever possible, will seek recommendations from NHA members that have had experience with quality vendors that could be considered to be potential candidates for endorsement.
  • NHA members are not bound by any obligation to work with vendors endorsed by the NHA Services Board of Directors.
  • The Preferred Business Partnership program is intended to provide a source of funding to the NHA to support activities and programs on behalf of member hospitals.

For more information, contact Jon Borton, vice president, NHA Services, Inc., at (402) 742-8147 or  

NHA Services Preferred Business Partners