The purpose of the Rural Quality Improvement Steering Committee is to provide the framework for developing a QI plan that is comprehensive, integrated and holistic in its approach to quality management. The Committee was asked to make recommendations regarding forms, reports, and education that are needed to implement the model QI plan.


The Nebraska Hospital Association, the QIO and the Nebraska Health & Human Services Office of Rural Health sponsored a Quality Improvement Conference in May of 2002. At that time several volunteers came forward to work on this project. Since 2002, others have joined the committee and its important work has continued.


The Rural Quality Improvement Steering Committee was charged with the responsibility of:

Developing a model QI plan for Nebraska hospitals that will:

  • Provide a workable model for completing quality improvement activities
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Help hospitals assure the delivery of high quality patient care
  • Developing sample forms for use in completing quality improvement activities
  • Developing a dashboard report for use by hospitals
  • Identifying education necessary to accomplish the goals of this plan