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Social Determinants of Health

5 Part Social Determinants of Health Webinar Series

June 10: Evidence-Based Models / Resources to Support Organizations Implementing SDoH Programs in Rural Nebraska

  • Alana Knudson, PhD – Co-Director, Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis / NORC at the University of Chicago
  • This webinar explores the overview of SDoH and why it is important to explore and understand this information as a health care provider.  The speaker also reviewed the Evidence-Based Toolkit created by the Rural Health Information Hub. The toolkit focuses on the implementation of a SDoH program in rural communities.
  • Slides | Recording

June 17: Real Applications & IT Resources for SDoH Work

  • Melanie Surber, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer- NEHII; Brian Longo, Senior Manager Discovery and Engagement – Unite Us; Craig Christensen, Co-Founder - H4Technologies
  • This webinar explored two technology-based SDoH tools that complement one another and offer healthcare providers an opportunity to enhance their SDoH program through technological advances.  The NeHII / Unite Us portion focused on a referral and referral tracking program that can assist providers in understanding patient needs and prior referrals.  The second portion by H4Technologies offered a solution to assist in collecting real-time SDoH data from patients and leveraging the EHR to assist providers in supporting patients in all aspects of their health.
  • Slides | Slides | Recording

July 8: Documentation of SDoH data by Using Z-Codes

  • Nelly Leon-Chisen, RHIA – Executive Editor Coding Clinic Publications/ Director of Coding and Classification – American Hospital Association and Julia Resnick, MPH – Senior Program Manager, The Value Initiative – American Hospital Association
  • This webinar assisted listeners in understanding the process and importance of proper and accurate data collection in Social Determinants of Health Data.  The speakers focused on data collection through the process of coding and the use of Z-Codes to document data in the EHR.
  • Slides | Recording (AHA sponsored)

July 15: Data Collection, Reporting, & Impacts

  • Stephen Njenga, MPH, MHA, CPHQ, CPPS – Director of Performance Measurement Compliance – Missouri Hospital Association
  • This webinar focused on cultural competence and the importance of being aware of SDoH needs that differ amongst patients.  The speaker focused on case-studies that showcase great SDoH work in communities.
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July 29: What does Nebraska Look Like: The Demographic Make-Up of Our State; Social Determinants of Health and Their Impact on Health Outcomes; The Importance of Data Collection in Addressing Social Determinants of Health; The Role of Hospitals in Advancing Health Equity

  • Josie Rodriguez, MS – Office of Health Disparities & Health Equity Administrator – Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services; Alison Keyser Metobo, MPH – Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator – Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services; Janelle Ali-Dinar, PhD – Chief Administrative Officer – Obstetrics and Gynecology PC
  • This webinar discussed SDoH specific to Nebraska.  The speakers shared demographic trends from the state, activities to address SDoH across the state, and the role of hospitals in addressing SDoH needs across the state.
  • SlidesRecording

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