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About the NHA

The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) is a statewide trade association representing Nebraska's hospitals and health systems since 1927. The hospital and health system field is the only sector of Nebraska’s economy that touches every citizen and business of Nebraska. Not only do hospitals support a healthy Nebraska and provide essential health care services, but they are also among the largest employers and economic drivers in most regions of the state. This sector’s highly trained and educated workforce uses high-tech, cutting-edge technology that is the envy of the world. Hospitals and health care are the foundation upon which communities in Nebraska are built.

The NHA serves as the influential voice of its members in the health care legislative and public arenas, promoting the delivery of quality health care and influencing public opinion of hospitals and health networks. Members depend on the Association for information, advice, education, and changes in health care regulations, legislation, trends, and other issues. Hospitals are the stewards of good health. Through our partnerships with representatives in the health care industry, legislators, government, and citizens, the NHA is able to assist in the development of strong, healthy communities.