The mission of the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) is to be the influential and unified voice for Nebraska’s hospitals and health systems, providing leadership and resources to enhance the delivery of quality patient care and services to Nebraska communities.


By 2020, the Nebraska Hospital Association will have established partnerships with leaders and be the influential resource for improving Nebraska’s health care infrastructure and policies.


The NHA is committed to expertly serving members with integrity, transparency, accountability and financial stewardship.

Strategic Framework

The mission of the NHA is supported by a strategic framework comprised of four pillars: advocacy and policy, financial stewardship, strategic partnerships, and quality and safety. To expertly serve NHA members, each pillar is founded in the values of integrity, transparency and accountability. Collectively, this structure, built on a value-based foundation and prominently reinforced by the four pillars, support the NHA’s mission of being the trusted leader to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of all Nebraskans.