The Nebraska Hospital Association Leadership Institute’s mission is to advance the effectiveness of hospitals by providing a quality environment of professional development and support for health care leaders. Coursework focuses on the unique challenges and organizational management techniques facing hospitals. Each year, approximately 30 health care professionals from across Nebraska come together for a 10-month program designed to instruct, inspire and invigorate. Participants establish peer-to-peer connections and lifelong bonds with classmates and faculty.

The NHA Leadership Institute provides up-and-coming leaders within your hospital the necessary skills to become exceptional leaders and puts them on the path to senior management positions. It is important for current CEOs to develop the leadership pipeline to ensure effective succession planning while enhancing employees’ contributions to your organizations.

This initiative includes a comprehensive curriculum, combining core leadership competency working sessions and multiple layers of applied practice in health care. Participants in the NHA Leadership Institute will improve their leadership skills and enhance their effectiveness in the health care field while preserving the care and compassion critical to quality health care delivery.  

The NHA Leadership Institute is proud to have 318 graduates from across the state of Nebraska.

Program Components

Individuals who complete the NHA Leadership Institute will benefit from a variety of specialized participant components including:

Individual Development Plans

Individual Development Plans, (IDPs) provide a planning process that identifies both professional development needs and career objectives. Furthermore, IDPs serve as a communication tool between individuals and their supervisors, mentors or coaches.

IDPs help individuals identify short-term needs for improving current performance and long-term career options they wish to pursue and the necessary tools to meet them. Participants will have a process that assists in developing short and long-term goals. Identifying short-term goals will give them a clearer sense of expectations and help identify milestones along the way to achieve specific objectives.

Long-term goals focus on the application of new expertise resulting in increased performance and career management. The development, implementation and revision of the IDP requires steps to be conducted by the participant and supervisors/mentors/coaches throughout the Leadership Institute.

360° Assessment

Participants will identify their own set of leadership competencies and then develop their own 360° assessment. This assessment provides participants with a clear perspective on their strengths and areas of improvement related to leading and managing in a hospital setting. Participants will have two private, one-on-one coaching session to discuss the results of their 360° assessment with a certified executive coach from Bellevue University. One session will be at the beginning and one session will be at the end of the program.

Executive Leadership Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching from a Leadership Institute faculty member. The coach will work with each participant to develop a detailed action plan. Each participant will have two individual coaching sessions—one at the beginning of the program and one at the end.

Core Courses

The NHA Leadership Institute has 10 core courses that are designed to build upon each other. Participants complete these required courses throughout the 10-month program, building camaraderie with classmates.

Online Courses

A series of online courses are available to all LI participants at any time throughout the 10-month program. These innovative leadership courses are based on the highly acclaimed book, The Organizational Champion, by Mike Thompson.


The NHA Leadership Institute is proud to offer in–depth courses and expert faculty to keep your organization moving with the current health care industry trends. Both academic and practical instruction help students implement cutting edge ideas and best practices into their organizations immediately. Leadership Institute curriculum is aligned with management and leadership concepts, allowing you to reach all of your career goals.

Professional Faculty

Institute participants will always have expert faculty to guide them through the program. Knowledgeable instructors from Bellevue University are ready to steer you to professional success and engage you on the pressing issues your hospital encounters. These experts are drawn from diverse departments of the University including management, leadership development, business administration and health care administration.

Hospital Tours (Optional)

Hospital tours are provided at sessions which are being held in health care facilities. Institute participants are allowed to participate in tours of these facilities and various departments. The tours provide participants the opportunity to explore different sectors and departments of another hospital and share their experiences with co-workers back home.