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Required Signage for Hospitals

LB 913 Sign

Description Locations
Assault on Healthcare Worker Main entrance/other hospital entrances
Patient Rights Main entrance
Notice of Privacy Practice Main entrance/ER area
Notice of Participation in Nebraska Hospital Medical Liability Main entrance/other hospital entrances
Tobacco Free Campus Main entrance/other hospital entrances
State Fire Marshal/Certificate of Occupancy Main entrance
Safe Haven Act Main entrance/other hospital entrances
*EMTALA/Appropriate Languages All entrances patient could enter/ER
No Concealed Handguns/Weapons Main entrance/other hospital entrances
Trauma System Certification ER area
Boiler Inspection Certificates Boiler areas
Underground Tank Storage Certificates Engineering
Federal Labor Law Postings Employee areas
Exit Signs Established by Life Safety Codes
Fire/Evacuation Plans Various locations as appropriate
Handicap Parking Parking Lots
Nebraska Licenses/ i.e. hospital, hospice, home health Main entrance
CT & Mammography Accreditation Certifications Imaigng Services
Posting for Location of Control of Radiation Regulations Imaging Services
Caution, Radiation Imaging Services
Certificate Registration of Radiation Generating Equipment Imaging Services
X-Ray in Use Imaging Services
FDA Certificate of Mammography Facility Imaging Services
Fire Extinguisher Locations Near extinguishers
Bio Hazard Warnings Areas with bio hazard materials
Oxygen Storage Oxygen storage locations
Eyewash Stations Appropriate locations
Medical Gas Shutoffs Appropriate locations
Boiler Emergency Shutdown Appropriate locations
Laboratory License Laboratory
Open Meetings Act Board Meeting Rooms
Notice of Board of Directors Meeting Appropriate locations
Sales Tax Authorization Appropriate locations
E-Verify Poster Employee & interview locations
Elevator Inspection Certificate In elevator
*Notice of Availability of Physicians/How hospital will meet the needs of someone with medical emergency Main Entrance/ER
*Roster in surgical suite with privileges granted to each medical practitioner Surgery/Appropriate areas
*Estimate of Charges Main entrances/ER
*Listing of Common DRGs, when required Appropriate areas
*(Posted due to Licensure or Federal Condition of Participation regulations and/or statutes)