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Nebraska is in the midst of a health care workforce crisis.

According to the Nebraska Center for Nursing, Nebraska will experience a workforce shortage of 5,435 nurses by 2025. Seventy-three of Nebraska’s counties have less than the national average ratio of registered nurses to patients. Sixty-six of Nebraska’s counties have been deemed medically underserved. Nine counties in Nebraska have no registered nurses. This crisis is not just impacting nursing. This nursing shortage is representative of a larger shortage of health professionals.

Recruitment and retention of health professionals has long been a persistent challenge for rural providers. At the NHA, we believe through innovative approaches and collaboration, this crisis can be addressed, and future ones averted if we work together.

The NHA Workforce and Education Initiatives are designed with all of Nebraska in mind. The programs we develop can be delivered to communities of all sizes and capacities to serve. Together, we can solve the workforce shortage and galvanize a Statewide movement towards sustainable practices.