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NHA Foundation Health Care Career Scholarship Program

The Nebraska Hospital Association Research and Educational Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. The purposes of the Foundation include:

  • To advance the improvement of the health of the people of Nebraska through the provision of better health care.
  • To foster and sponsor educational programs for training of health career personnel.
  • To provide financial aid for Nebraska hospital employees needing assistance in the pursuit of an education in the health care field.
  • To promote and sponsor research of health care issues.

2024 Applications are due by June 2nd, 2024.

For more information, contact Tiffani Cullin, via email or call (402) 742-8141.

Undergraduate Health Care Scholarship

Considering the importance and complexities of high-quality health care in today’s society, it is critical for bright, talented people to be encouraged to pursue professions in the field. With that in mind, the NHA Research and Educational Foundation offers the Undergraduate Health Care Career Scholarship Program in the amount of $2,500, designed for students interested in a career in health care.

These scholarships support future leaders in their efforts to earn a high-quality education. This scholarship is available to students who are employed by an NHA member hospital and who are enrolled in an accredited program leading to a bachelor’s degree, certification or registration in a health care career. Approved programs include, but are not limited to, nursing, radiological technology, clinical medical technology, physical therapy, etc.

Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a graduate degree in health care at an accredited college or university or an accredited institution offering online degree programs. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist with tuition and academic expenses in the form of an award of $5,000 for an academic year for eight individuals. Applicants pursuing a graduate degree in health care administration are preferred, but many programs are still eligible. 

The Laura J. Redoutey Scholarship

The Laura J. Redoutey Scholarship is given to the most outstanding applicant and can be awarded to either an undergraduate or graduate student. This $5,000 scholarship is named for our NHA past president who served the association and its members for 21 years.

Scholarship Requirements:

• Applicants must be employed by a member hospital of the Nebraska Hospital Association for at least 1 year/12 months.

• Applicants must be pursuing a health care degree from an accredited program.

• Applicants must be enrolled at an educational institution from one of the following states: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, or South Dakota. Online programs must have a presence in one of those states.


Application Must Include:

• Completed application form.

• Documentation from the hospital that you have been employed for at least a year.

• A program acceptance letter from your educational institution. The letter must contain your student ID# and the complete institution name, address and phone number of the financial aid/business office.

• A typed Personal Statement reflecting your reason(s) for choosing health care as a career and include your professional goals.

• Two completed reference letters. One reference must be from your direct supervisor or Hospital CEO.

The NHA Foundation is pleased to provide additional scholarships due to a generous donation to the Health Care Career Scholarship Program from Medical Solutions and NHA Services.

These scholarships assist students who are working toward a career to improve the health and well-being of Nebraska’s communities. Medical Solutions and NHA Services are dedicated to helping outstanding health care professionals take the next step forward in their health care careers.