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The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) was organized in 1927 as a result of an informal meeting called by Miss Homer Harris, superintendent of Clarkson Hospital in Omaha, to discuss pending legislation which affected hospitals in the state of Nebraska.

At that meeting, the Nebraska Hospital Association was founded and appointed its first board of directors. Reverend Dr. Emil G. Chinlund of Immanuel Hospital was named president; Miss Blanche Fuller of Methodist Hospital was named vice president; Miss Ida Isaacson of Evangelical Covenant was named secretary and Miss Homer Harris was named treasurer.

In 1955, Stuart C. Mount was hired as the first NHA employee. He served as president until his retirement in 1985. Since that time, NHA has been representing and supporting the needs of Nebraska’s rural and urban hospitals and health systems. The NHA supports and encourages its members in developing various health care delivery systems geared toward improving the health and well-being of Nebraska’s communities.
NHA Founders