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  • Urge Your Senators, Representatives to Support Legislation Extending the Deadline for Hospitals to Spend PRF Payments

  • Please contact your senators and representatives and urge them to cosponsor these bills. It is critical that we secure significant support for this legislation so that it can be included as part of a legislative package this year.

2021 NHA Bills of Interest and related information

Healthcare 101 - Nebraska State Senator Briefing

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COVID-19 Impact on Nebraska Hospitals

When the COVID-19 pandemic cases escalated in March, 2020, Nebraska hospitals sprang into action to respond to this deadly global pandemic. Throughout this crisis, Nebraska hospitals and health systems have continued to work around-the-clock to provide high quality patient care to communities across the state.

Unfortunately, as a result of the impacts of COVID-19 and recent Direct Health Measures, our hospitals have seen a significant decrease in revenues:

  • Emergency visits are down 45%;

  • Inpatient surgeries down nearly 27%

  • Net Inpatient Revenue is down 30%

  • Outpatient surgeries down nearly 70%

  • Net Outpatient Revenue is down over 40%

  • Operating margins are down 33.8%

Hospitals are also incurring other costs during the pandemic, including drug acquisition and shortage expenses, wage and labor, uncompensated care costs, non-PPE medical supply and equipment expenditures and capital costs. Spending in these areas has largely increased since the start of the pandemic.

This NHA Infographic will help communicate Nebraska hospital losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Legislative Wrap-Ups

Each year the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) works diligently to shape policies that affect the delivery of health care in the state. Many new policies are introduced during each legislative session as well as interim policy proposals. The NHA Legislative Wrap-Up reviews  the Nebraska Legislature’s activities since and outlines priority projects senators are spearheading for that particular session.

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