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Are you interested in the laws, policies and regulations that impact health care in Nebraska? If so, here are some resources to help you to be an advocate.

2020 NHA Bills of Interest and related information

LB997 with Amendment AM2431 - Adopt the Out-of-Network Emergency Medical Care Act

AM2431 provides that a claim “or a payment” shall be presumed reasonable if it is based on the higher of (a) the contracted rate “under any then-existing in-network contractual relationship between the insurer and the out-of-network health care provider for the same or similar services” or (b) 175% of the payment rate “for Medicare services” for the same or similar services in the same geographic area.

Provides that if an out-of-network health care provider deems the payment made by the insurer unreasonable, the out-of-network health care provider shall return payment to the insurer and utilize the dispute resolution procedure set out in the bill.

Provides that if an insurer "or an out-of-network health care provider" provides notification that it considers a claim or payment to be unreasonable, the insurer and the health care provider shall have 30 days after the notification to negotiate a settlement.

Provides that if a settlement is not reached, the insurer and the health care provider shall engage in mediation.

Legislative Wrap-Ups

Each year the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) works diligently to shape policies that affect the delivery of health care in the state. Many new policies are introduced during each legislative session as well as interim policy proposals. The NHA Legislative Wrap-Up reviews  the Nebraska Legislature’s activities since and outlines priority projects senators are spearheading for that particular session.

2019 Advocacy Day Wrap Up

106th Nebraska Legislature

Congress & Congressional Delegation