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NHA Publications

The NHA strives to provide you with the latest news and information to keep you current and up-to-date on trends and developments in the health care industry. The communications inform you on a broad range of issues, including state and federal legislation, quality, health data, education and emergency preparedness.



Newslink is a member-focused publication, highlighting member achievements, recognitions, and initiatives. Newslink provides information on positive trends in health care.

The weekly newsletter, features state and federal health care news, member hospital news, and current health care topics of interest. Distributed every Friday, Newslink is a publication intended to end your week on a high-note and provide motivation for the coming week.



e-Bulletin is a monthly electronic newsletter that provides accurate information and resources relating to health care education.



Printed Publications

Legislative Wrap-Up

The NHA is committed to creating and maintaining a financial and regulatory environment in which hospitals and health care systems can provide the right care at the right time. This involves collaborating with members, policymakers and other health care partners in advocating for our top priorities. 

The NHA Legislative Wrap-Up summarizes the previous legislative session. The bills the NHA supported, opposed, monitored, and legislative interim studies are addressed, and any new or pending legislation's effect on health care delivery.

Healthier Nebraska

Healthier Nebraska is a quarterly publication that provides a comprehensive overview of current stories and issues pertaining to hospitals and health care providers in Nebraska.

Each edition features member hospitals, the challenges and opportunities they faced and the positive changes and improvements they have made. Each edition also provides a more comprehensive overview of the issues facing Nebraska hospitals in the areas of state and federal advocacy, quality issues, health care and information technology, education and Nebraska Hospital Association events.

Nebraska Hospitals Community Benefits Report

Member Value Report

This year-end report highlights the collective successes and acknowledges the challenges the NHA and its members face and continue to face. This report serves as a summary the NHA's efforts to be the influential voice for Nebraska’s hospitals and health systems, and to improve health care in our state.

Nebraska Health Care Resource Directory

NHA's health care resource directory is a valuable resource, which includes a wealth of information. This annual publication is produced in the spring for the benefit of NHA member hospitals and health systems, health care allied organizations, affiliate members, federal and state legislative delegates and others who collaborate with the NHA. For more information or to find out more about advertising opportunities for your organization, please call (402) 742-8140.

NHA 90th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

This publication is dedicated to the founders of the Nebraska Hospital Association and to the health care professionals who have shown the strength, courage, skill, vision, experience, compassion and determination to tirelessly work to fulfill the mission of providing all Nebraskans with affordable, accessible, quality health care 24/7 since 1927.