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Maximizing the Employee Value Proposition: A Holistic Approach to Nursing Recruitment and Retention

Thursday, June 20, 2024
12:00 pm1:00 pm

The ongoing nursing workforce shortages persist due to burnout and high turnover, demanding workloads with long hours, aging nurses retiring and an insufficient pipeline of future clinicians. Many hospitals and health systems are looking for better ways to recruit and retain nursing staff in a financially sustainable manner.

Many organizations are reassessing various workforce strategies to stay competitive. This often includes reviewing the broader employee total rewards programs and ensuring pay programs account for things such as cost of living and geographic pay differentials. They are also evaluating nursing job architecture and career frameworks, headcount, span of control and more.

Join our webinar to learn actionable insights and strategies to recruit and retain this critical workforce.

Attendees Will Learn:
- How to develop an effective total rewards strategy amidst ongoing workforce shortages.
- How to adjust nursing pay programs to account for differences in cost of living, geography and care settings.
- Overall strategies for recruitment and retention of the nursing workforce.


Kristina Hudson

Steve Meyers
Consulting Manager