CMS 2018 Pharmacy and Medication: Complying with the Hospital CoPs and Proposed Changes

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
9:00 am11:00 am

During this session, information will be provided on the top problematic pharmacy standards by CMS. CMS is now issuing a deficiency report showing when the pharmacy is cited for being out of compliance. The CMS interpretive guidelines address medication management and pharmacy related standards. These can be looked at when CMS conducts a complaint or validation survey. Medication management is not only a big issue with CMS but also with the Joint Commission. Medication errors are the largest number of medical errors in healthcare today. They are also the most common reason for unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.

One important point to note, it is important for the nursing personnel to understand the medication and pharmacy standards since many of them apply to nursing. For the first time, CMS mentions that nursing needs to be aware of some of the pharmacy standards and vice versa. This includes medication errors, adverse events, and drug incompatibilities, self-administered medication and required medication policies.