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Leading the Way in Rural MR Imaging

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
12:00 pm1:00 pm

Leading the Way in Rural MR Imaging
Weiser Memorial Hospital’s Case Study

A large portion of the local population served by Weiser Memorial Hospital — a 25-bed, Critical Access Hospital in rural Idaho — experiences transportation barriers to travel for medical needs. In an effort to offer as many services locally as possible, the hospital was serving patients with a mobile, rented MRI trailer, but this presented several limitations. Taking advantage of the rural hospital’s ability over larger hospital systems to shift easily, innovative leaders in the Medical Imaging Department began researching options and discovered that they could purchase their own MRI container unit through Siemens Healthineers. Discover how the MRI container unit helped Weiser solve the transportation, appointment wait time and other challenges its community faced in accessing care — enabling Weiser to increase patient reach and volumes, conserve resources, enhance patient and staff satisfaction, and raise the community’s awareness of the hospital’s commitment to high-quality services and investing in their future.

Attendees Will Learn How:

Rural hospitals must continuously search for ways to innovate toward fulfilling the missions they serve.

Engaging leadership early and through the process can be a big asset and is really what can distinguish rural hospitals from some of the larger systems — the ability to shift easily.

The purchase of the MAGNETOM Free. Max MRI container unit helped address several limitations that came with Weiser Memorial Hospital’s rented trailer. It not only increased ROI and improved both patient experience and satisfaction, it also put the hospital on the map.

Weiser Memorial Hospital Speakers:
Weiser, Idaho

Steve D. Hale, FACHE

Noa Towner
Medical Imaging Manager

Stephen Novak
MRI Technologist