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Hospital Employee Disaster Fund Established

The recent historic flooding in our state has dramatically impacted our communities over the past few weeks. Many have lost their homes, their land and their livelihood. The stories and images are truly heartbreaking. And many of the unsung heroes throughout this disaster have been hospital and health system employees that keep the hospital doors open 24/7. To honor and assist hospital employees that have been impacted by the floods, the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) is establishing a hospital employee relief fund.

Introducing the NHAREF Hospital Employee Disaster Relief Fund
The Nebraska Hospital Association Research and Educational Foundation (NHAREF) Hospital Employee Disaster Relief Fund is being established to assist hospital employees within Nebraska who have been adversely affected by natural disasters. We are thankful for the courage of the many health care workers that put aside their own concerns to meet the needs of their communities. We also recognize the personal toll the recent floods and severe weather events have had on our hospital and health system employees.

We’ve been working to collect information from our member hospitals and, as of March 28, we estimate that over 500 hospital employees have been impacted by the recent flooding and this number could certainly grow over the next several weeks. NHA will be working closely with the American Hospital Association, peer state hospital associations, affiliates and service partners to collect donations for this effort. The NHA has committed $75,000
to this fund and the AHA has donated an additional $25,000.

Distribution of Funds
The NHA will work in partnership with its member hospitals to identify those employees who need assistance. Hospitals will vet applicants and submit a list of eligible employees to the NHA. Eligible employees must meet the following criteria: full or part-time employee of a member hospital who suffered significant property loss to their home/residence during the recent floods.

After the fundraising effort concludes, NHAREF will make payments from this fund to the hospitals with impacted employees; the hospitals will then distribute the funds accordingly.

Ways to Donate
Please make checks payable to NHAREF and write in the memo line: Hospital Employee Disaster Relief Fund.

3255 Salt Creek Circle, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68504

OR to donate via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please contact Barb Jablonski at or (402) 742-8163.

All administrative services are being provided in-kind by NHA so that 100% of your donation will be used to assist those affected. Your generosity will support Nebraska’s hospital and health care workers and their communities as they rebuild.

Questions about the fund and/or this effort, please contact: Brian Noonan, Senior Director of Communications and Education at or 402-742-8151.