Emergency & Outpatient Services: Complying with CMS Hospital CoPs

Thursday, March 28, 2019
9:00 am11:00 am

This course will actually encompass two individual programs on emergency and outpatient services. During the first hour, our speaker will cover some proposed changes to the outpatient section, which are published in the Hospital Improvement Act. These changes would include how a final diagnosis should be documented in all outpatient records within 7 days, and how the hospital will be required to have a policy and designate in which outpatient departments will require an RN. There are additional changes that will be explained. During the
second hour, we will cover the CoPs that affect the ED. Sue Dill Calloway will discuss staffing requirements, provision of services both on and off‐campus, EMTALA, required policies and procedures, training requirements, medical director requirement, and compliance with standards of care. She will also review the requirements for restraint and seclusion, grievances and protocols.