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Revenue Recharge: Front & Middle Revenue Cycle Improvement

Thursday, February 22, 2024
12:00 pm12:30 pm

You can’t cut your way to success. When health systems and physicians focus only on expenses, cost-cutting measures often follow to bridge gaps in the operations budget. Cutting expenses is one way to balance the ledger, but too many times, focusing only on reducing expenses does not result in a successful enterprise or quality healthcare your community needs.

Join PYA Principals Sarah Bowman and Kristen Davidson to learn more about revenue opportunities through front and middle revenue cycle process improvement.

• Gain best practices for front-end data accuracy and point-of-service collections
• Assess impact on reimbursement by consistently reviewing your charge description master (CDM) and fee schedules
• Audit for comprehensive documentation and appropriate code assignment to minimize medical necessity denials and down coding

Bowman and Davidson will also discuss specific areas for operational improvements to help you realize greater net revenue.

This webinar is part of the Revenue Recharge webinar series, in which PYA shares ways health systems and providers can identify revenue opportunities, leading to a more sustainable and visionary future for the enterprise and better healthcare for your patients.